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released August 18, 2016

All songs written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Jacob Dadisman



all rights reserved


DADISMAN Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Beans
Don't wanna get up
Don't wanna wake
Cause all my nightmares are better than watching the sun come up
Don't wanna work
Don't even wanna move
When I know I'll just mess it up and they'll get someone else to do the job

So I wait
For you to call
Tell me how you are
Cause I'm too scared that it's my fault but I don't wanna feel that way anymore
So let's make a deal
When I say I'm lost
You say shut up and eat your
Beans then maybe one day you'll be strong
Until then I'm gone

I talk too much
Don't read enough
I roll up what sticks in my ears and call that law
Don't wanna walk
Don't wanna fuck
But unless I reach around your arms with mine I don't feel at home

So I make
The first call
Tell me how you are
I'm scared of every aspect of the world see I can't even let you talk
Cause I think one thing
When I say I'm lost
You'll say shut up and eat your
Beans and maybe one day you'll be strong
Until then

I lost control of my body of my limbs of my tongue
And I'm stuck inside my head repeating darkness like all is lost
But you have never left I fail to see that you have given me a chance

To listen to your teeth, to your fingernails your eyebrows
My eyes cross and I fade out only to recall your frowns
But I say please repeat that I'll hold on to you as you hold on to earth

And breathe
Tell me everything
Every joy and pain
I won't let my mind defeat me I'll write it all down and then sing it
I'm losing sight
But I'm never lost
When you say shut up and eat your
Beans and soon one day this will all be gone
It won't be long
Track Name: Black Cherry
When night falls I turn into an animal
I try to sneak out but my coat rouses your arm
You say I'm lying, but I say I'm a wolf
You ruffle my fur, there's no reason to bellow

When day comes I turn into a cloud
My limbs catch wind and swing the wrong direction
I say I'm trying, but you say it hurts
I compress and start to bellow

If I could climb a mountain
If my breath fog a glass
Would there be enough oxygen
Or would we have to steal a laugh
If I squeeze my body in between
The skyline and the moon
Could you strum along a makeshift little universe for two

If I could calm the rivers
From across the sea
I'd do it for a second
Cause you like the songs they sing
If I peal every black cherry
So no bitter remained
Would you strip the sweet to crack open my baby teeth

So I can climb that mountain
With you clung to my back
I'd give anything to inhale
Each one of your laughs
If I grow my body between
The heavens and the roof
I could strum along a makeshift little universe for two
Track Name: Movements
The walls and roads are spinning
and sidewalks side-wind
I feel like I'm still dreaming
but I fear I am alive
With eyes shut to the wind
I'm safe from hurricanes
By your side I question
can one sleep while wide awake

"It is natural to seek meaning"
You say while sun invades the night
Chaos consumes my being
and passion tells me what is right
"It is natural to feel craving"
You tell me with your eyes
I shed my soaking wings
and shoulder the weight of the sky

This city is gold and the sky is white
Saints stand as faceless stone
Shield my eyes with hands despite
Angels shining beautiful overtones
With my tongue wrapped around yours
behind the walls and floodgates
"we're safe from all eyes and ears"
we tell ourselves under God's gaze

"It is natural to seek meaning"
I tell myself about my vice
Is it in books or is it in buildings
or between words and signs?
"It is natural to feel craving"
they tell me this and other lies
"I choose what I am needing"
I tell myself this and other lies

In a city of gold, under a sky of white
your movements never calm my heart
some say my soul has lost its light
But you say it's a work of art

It is natural to seek meaning
But this world is not my home
It is natural to feel craving
For what I already own
It is natural to seek meaning
In places where I can hide
It is natural to be craving
What lies behind your eyes